The Delivery Process

SAP SD Sales & Distribution Concepts - The Delivery Process / Delivery Creation Process VL01 VL04

In SAP SD, one can create delivery either individually from a sales document or individually via the menu path or via the delivery due list. I am discussing each of these different types of deliveries in brief below.

Creating an Individual Delivery Document - User can use the following menu path: Sales & Distribution >> Shipping >> Delivery >> Create. Otherwise this can be reached directly via Transaction Code VL01. At the time of delivery document creation, SAP SD will ask for shipping point, selection date, and sales document number in case delivery is to be created with reference to a sales order.

Creating a Delivery via the Delivery Due List - The following menu path can be used: Sales and Distribution >> Shipping >> Delivery >> Create Collective Processing Transaction Short Path is VL04. Delivery due list can be processed using either the stock transport orders or the sales orders. SAP SD automatically creates deliveries for selected sales orders. Some of the fields which can be selected include Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Office, Forwarding agent, Route, Sold to Party, Ship to Party, Delivery priority, delivery block, and Complete delivery

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